Clean shampoo bar for oily hair

Clean shampoo bar for oily hair

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Salon quality, pH balanced shampoo bar for oily scalps.

These bars are great for an oily prone scalp. Rosemary and lemon have  antibacterial properties, and help promote a balanced scalp in terms of oil production. 




If you have medium-type hair with more strands or coarser strands you can look at using a more hydrating conditioner and pair it with the oil balancing shampoo bar so you can still address the scalp but use a more suitable conditioner for your hair type.


Find out more about our conditioners for thick hair, medium hair and curly hair types. 


Scented with a refreshing lemon and peppermint.


All our shampoo bars help to save plastic waste from going into landfills - plastic has a limited recyclable life. Our shampoo and conditioner bars are equivalent to 3-4 bottles of a 250ml bottle of shampoo or conditioner. We have some customers coming back to purchase between 3 - 6 months, so the hair care bars when stored and used properly can last you this long!