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Essential Oil Diffusers safely and conveniently disperse pure essential oils into the air.

A small simple timeless design to suit any décor.

This compact efficient diffuser allows you to enjoy the aromatic and therapeutic benefits of aromatherpy in your own home.

It will create a beautiful visual mist and has different coloured light settings if desired.

Simply add water and your favourite pure essential oil(s). The unit automatically shuts off when the water runs out.

Safe, simple and effective - now everyone can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. 

How to use:

Simply open the unit. Add water and essential oil(s). Close unit and turn it on. You can change the beautiful coloured light options (see instruction sheet).

Suggested uses:

  • For children with colds (good in their bedrooms) - try our Decongestant
  • To help with sleep - use in the bedroom - try Tranquil Sleep
  • To deodorise your home - try Lemongrass
  • To help your relax and unwind -  try Stress Less
  • In the office to help you concentrate - try Clarifying & Stimulating
  • When around potentially unwell people - try Bronchial Benefit or Eucalyptus
  • To create a pleasant atmosphere with aroma, mist and if desired eight different mood/night light settings - try Sheer Bliss, Oranges & Lemons, Lavender or get creative with any of our pure essential oil(s) or pure essential oil blends.

How does it work?

The diffuser works by breaking up the mixture of water and essential oil(s) into millions of micro-particles, no heat is applied to the essential oils.


Do not empty water from the side where the air vent is located. Use caution with water and electrics.