Hinterland Foods - ORGANIC 20+UMF Mānuka Honey 250ml

Hinterland Foods - ORGANIC 20+UMF Mānuka Honey 250ml

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20+ Certified Organic Mānuka Honey

Limited Edition UMF™ 20+

UMF™ stands for 'Unique Mānuka Factor' which represents the most comprehensive, independently certified and internationally recognized quality assurance system for New Zealand mānuka honey - testing for Potency, Authenticity, Shelf Life and Freshness.

There are 2,300+ natural compounds in New Zealand mānuka honey that contribute to  its unique taste, texture and support of health & wellness - among them is Methylglyoxal (MGO).

UMF™ 20+ is scientifically proven to contain a minimum 829mg/kg Methylglyoxal (MGO), a naturally occurring compound in Mānuka Honey - however, Hinterland Honey will always contain more. 

Check your batch code at the bottom of this page to see how much MGO is in your jar.

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'Tō Aroha' is a Whakatauāki

A  Whakatauākī is a ‘proverb’ and in Maori culture is is customary for  these proverbs to be ‘gifted’ - ‘Tō Aroha’ was gifted to Hinterland from the local Mōkai Pātea whanau  (people) who have lived in the local area for more than 600 years - where  they have used the mānuka plant for it’s healing properties from ancient to modern times.  For the Hinterland team it is a privilege to  receive this gift and to have the blessing for it’s use which we now pass on to you.


‘Tō Aroha’ - a feminine energy based on ‘Love’, which is the magic ingredient in this honey, our company  principles and the way our honey is produced and shared with you.  


Enjoy  this Organic Manuka Honey and the story of the land and the people of  Mōkai Pātea, where this all originates -  this is at the heart of our  company.