Kiwi Red Quinoa

Kiwi Red Quinoa

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8 Servings.

Introducing our new red quinoa!

With a bolder flavour than wholegrain and a subtle crunch, our vibrant red quinoa adds a pop of colour to your plate while delivering on protein, fibre and versatility.

Make Kiwi Red Wholegrain Quinoa the star with Jacqui’s fusion red quinoa salad or Mexican red quinoa tacos.

Kiwi Quinoa is a family-owned company located in New Zealand. We are passionate about health, nature, and the environment, which is why we grow and sell red quinoa.

Our red quinoa is grown from non-GMO seeds at our farm in NZ. It is harvested at the end of summer and is an incredibly versatile seed that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner, in baking, salads, or even sprouted.

Our Kiwi red quinoa can be used as an alternative to rice and pasta and can be used in the same way as our white quinoa. It has a nutty flavour that pairs well with many different ingredients such as chocolate chips or dried fruit, fresh herbs and roasted vegetables. It also works great as a base for gluten-free brownie or muffins!

Our mission is to provide people with healthy alternatives to conventional products while also preserving the environment through sustainable farming practices that protect water quality and NZ wildlife habitat within local communities throughout New Zealand.

A serving suggestion:

Fusion Red Quinoa Salad

This colourful, Asian inspired salad is full of flavour and texture. Perfect on its own or alongside some chicken or salmon.