Knitted Cloths

Knitted Cloths

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A low-waste staple for your cleaning collection. The CaliWoods knitted cloths are the perfect alternative to disposable synthetic dish cloths and paper towels.

These are an all-rounder with many uses. Perfect for washing dishes and cleaning surfaces including wood, stainless steel, granite and even glass. Our knitted cloths can also be used on kitchen appliances, coffee machines and more. 


3 x Knitted Cotton Cloths


 Why you will LOVE the CaliWoods Knitted Cloths:

  • 100% plastic free and made with love in Bali

  • No micro plastics to enter the water ways during the washing process

  • These are biodegradable at their end of life cycle. Just cut them into pieces and add them to your home compost.

  • Organic soft cotton feels amazing on your skin while being durable enough for many wash cycles.

The Specifics of the Knitted Cloth Pack:

  • Pack of 3 (beige, light grey and dark grey)


Care and End-Of-Life Instructions For Your Knitted Cloths

  • At end of life the Knitted Cloths can be cut into pieces and added into the home compost.
  • Wash as often as required