Miabelle Natural Deodorant

Miabelle Natural Deodorant

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Help your body absorb more magnesium by opting for this natural aluminium-free deodorant with magnesium oil and experience the benefits of boosting more magnesium in your system. All natural, aluminium-free & vegan. Sensitive skin formula. Baking soda free. Comes in compostable push up paper tube packaging.

A rich and creamy easy-to-apply deodorant. This deodorant is not an anti-perspirant. Our formula's natural ingredients are designed to help minimise odour-causing bacteria and absorb moisture.



To use

Use as an everyday deodorant on clean, dry skin. Push up the tube from the base so a small amount of stick is exposed. Hold the stick against the skin for a few seconds to allow the product to soften before applying. This product is not an antiperspirant but is simply to help absorb moisture and prevent the odour causing bacteria in your underarms.