Misty Day Gift Set

Misty Day Gift Set

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Looking for the best gift of the century for that special someone that you reaaaallly love? Well, you asked and we did it.

A full range of mini Misty Day Plant Potions magickal organic dual extracted mushroom extracts in our beautiful mushroom giftbox.

Each 25g jar will provide you with 15 serves of the best quality, organic, dual extracted, high potency, heavy metal tested, mushroom extracts. It will give you or your recipient the ability to try all of the mushroom extracts and see which one or ones resonates with their being.


Giftbox contains 5 x Misty Day Plant Potions mushroom extracts. They are packaged in glass jars with aluminum lids and use biodegradable Stone Paper labels which are tree free!

What’s inside?

Chaga 25g 100% Organic Dual Extracted 10:1 Fruiting body Chaga Extract. Wild Grown in Russia. Third Party Tested for Heavy Metals


Chaga is the king of the fungi family, tough and hardy, this woody, tree dwelling shroom confers this resilience to those who imbibe. Traditionally used for centuries in throughout Asia, chaga has both a physical and spiritual reverence as it is thought to support deep replenishment of energy, healthy immunity, resilience to environmental stressors and also to activate and open the third eye for spiritual awareness.

Cordyceps 25g 100% Cordyceps militaris fruiting body, dual extracted 10:1 extract. Cultivated in Xuzhou province in China. Third party tested for heavy metals.


CORDYCEPS is the super active member of the fungi family, small and unassuming yet batting above its weight for supporting healthy stress and energy levels. Traditionally used for centuries in China, cordyceps is a potent yang tonic that has been used to support mental power, athletic and sexual endurance and power and a sense of wellbeing. Perfect for people wanting to get a little bit more out of their workouts and their day.

Misty Day Plant Potions Cordyceps is cultivated Cordyceps militaris fruiting body and is dual extracted for maximum action, bioavailability and easy digestion.

Lions Mane 25g 100% Organic Fruiting Body, Dual Extracted Lions Mane 10:1 Extract. Cultivated in Fujian province. Third Party Tested For Heavy Metals.


Lions Mane is the smart guy of the fungi family, resembling its name sakes flowing mane, this nootropic tree shroom supports a nourished nervous system and healthy memory and mood.

Traditionally reserved as a delicate food only for royalty, lions mane shroom is now enjoying its time in the sun as a potent and nurturing nervous system, mind and spirit tonic. Lions mane is thought to support healthy nervous tissues and function, cognition and rejuvenation. 

Misty Day Plant Potions Lions Mane (Hericium erinaceus) is wood cultivated, fruiting body, hot water extract for maximum action, bioavailability and easy digestion.  . 

Reishi 25g 100% Reishi Dual Extracted Fruiting Body 10:1 Extract. Cultivated in Anhui region on Duanwood. Third party tested for heavy metals


Reishi is the powerful queen of the fungi family, calming and nurturing to the spirit, mind and body

Reishi is one of the most treasured herbs from traditional Chinese medicine where it is thought to nourish and tonify our deep energy stores and soothe the emotional heart and spirit. Reishi is a calming, soothing and rejuvenating adaptogen perfect for supporting healthy mood, immunity, stress resilience and calm energy. Misty Day Plant Potions Reishi is fruiting body and dual extracted to provide a full spectrum, bioactive, easily digested powder.

Shroom Squad 25g

20% 10:1 dual extracted, organic, fruiting body reishi (Ganoderma lucidem) extract*

20% 10:1 dual extracted fruiting body chaga (Inoqutus obliqus) extract**

20% 10:1 dual extracted fruiting body lions mane (Hericium erinaceus ) extract*

20% 10:1 dual extracted, fruiting body turkey tail (Trametes versicolor) extract *

20% 10:1 dual extracted fruting body cordyceps ( Ophiocorcyceps militaris ) extract*


What could be better than one functional mushroom? Five functional mushrooms in one, easy to use powder.

Yessiree - It’s the whole gang of shrooms. A synergistic blend of 5 of the most bioactive, functional mushroom extracts all together in one kick ass powder with only one intent - to bring wellness to one and all! Chaga and turkey tail are the sentinels, patrolling your inner and outer environment, ready to act to ensure that intruders or rogue factions don’t wreak havoc. These two also provide much needed sustenance, love and nourishment to the vital flora in the gut as well. Chilled out reishi extract supports the immune efforts of her comrades while also helping to support a clean and vital internal environ by supporting healthy liver detoxification. Reishi is also a supreme peacekeeper and makes sure there is a safe and comfortable mental space when sleep time rolls around. Clever lions mane and her constituents help to keep the control centre happily humming while also making sure the nervous lines of communication are in peak condition. Lions mane also works nicely alongside her buddy chaga to support a peaceful and productive gut environment Lastly, the super fit cordyceps makes sure the vehicle is always fuelled and ready for action while keeping hormones happy and airways open and vital. But really, all of the very best, dual extracted mushroom extracts for healthy immunity, brain and nervous system function, hormone, digestive and respiratory health - all rolled into one easy to use powder!? Sign me up! All of our mushrooms are dual extracted in order to provide a full spectrum extract for the highest biological action. We buy from a certified organic supplier and third party test for heavy metals. All mushrooms are assayed for beta glucans using Megazyme.