Misty Day Magick Matcha

Misty Day Magick Matcha

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Japanese Matcha*, Maca*, Ashwagandha*, Lions Mane**, Cordyceps**, Eleuthero Extract, Mucuna Extract* Vanilla, Cinnamon*

*Organic ingredients

**Organic Dual Extracted Fruiting Body Mushroom Extracts 10:1


Add one level teaspoons to a cup. Add in hot water or mylk and make a paste, then fill cup, stirring constantly. Add sweetener. Alternatively, it can be added to smoothies or baking.


Matcha is an old friend of mine. Always there as a shoulder to prop me up when my old mate coffee has wrung me out. Lately I have been leaning on my matcha to give me the gentle focus and drive that I need to keep myself going, alongside the calm that I need to keep my mind from wandering into uncharted anxious territories! To up the ante I have teamed organic Japanese matcha straight from the grower, with my favourite adaptogens and nervous system tonics to help produce the perfect morning brew for the tea loving folks amongst us. Its green and pretty , gives you a boost and supports you against the stress of the modern world!

So what is in this tea potion?

  • Matcha is shade grown green tea ground into a beautiful light green powder. It has a moderate amount of caffeine ( about half that of coffee) but is tempered with the natural presence of the amino acid theanine which promotes calm and focus. Our matcha is organic and comes straight from the grower in Japan.

  • Ashwagandha My favourite herb as evidenced by being in almost all of my potions! . A root from Ayurveda, ashwagandha supports a healthy response to stress, a healthy mood, libido, cognition and energy. I wouldn’t be too surprised if it washed the floor and did the dishes - its a total all rounder and has something to offer almost everyone.

  • Maca A South American food, nutritive and probable adaptogen, maca is really most known for supporting healthy energy levels and for supporting a healthy reproductive system. It has a lovely malt like flavour which lends itself perfectly to the bitterness of matcha. We use Seleno Health maca as really its the best in the business.

  • Eleuthero One of the OG adaptogens, eluethero or Siberian ginseng as it used to be known, has a long and illustrious history involving Russian cosmonauts and chess players and is the perfect adaptogen for younger folks that have busy and stressful lives. It supports healthy energy levels, resilience against stress and helps keep you going when you have too many

  • Lions Mane The darling of the fungi family, lions mane is known for supporting healthy cognition and firing up the old brain. It is also used for supporting a healthy mood and outlook when the world feels like its about to end. Jokes… but no really…

  • Cordyceps A fungi with a creepy back story, cordyceps is renowned for supporting a healthy energy cycle, physical stamina and recovery and also for supporting healthy lungs and a healthy immune system.

  • Mucuna The velvet bean also known as the feel good bean! This Ayurvedic herb is used both as a food and a a herbal remedy. It is renowned for supporting a healthy mood, motivation and outlook. We could all do with a bit of that right now?

  • Vanilla and Cinnamon A good combo of spices that are at once stimulating but also somehow heady and calming, these two round off the potion perfectly.