Organic Bean (Climbing Scarlet Runner) Seeds

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Beans are legume, cycling nitrogen from the air to the soil. Legumes are excellent for soil building.

Our organic Ecoseed Climbing Bean Scarlet Runner Packets contain approximately 20 seeds. They are from a certified organic farm at Manakau, Horowhenua. They are not chemically treated.


with sweet peas between every third pair. Their flowers encourage pollinating insects.


cabbage, carrots & cauliflower.




after brassicas (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower & brussels sprouts


Growing Instructions & Conditions - Climbing Scarlet Runner Beans


  • Sow in pairs in early spring
  • 3-5cm deep, 15cm between pairs with a 60cm row space for optimal growth.
  • After germination remove the weaker of the pair.
  • Provide support to two meters height (strong poles, canes or string, Teepee style works well)
  • Being a legume, the soil doesn't need to be rich. 
  • Keep moisture constant and provide mulch to help.
  • First Harvest approx 70days
  • Harvesting every 2-3days. Pick small from 10-15cm