Organic Broad Bean (Coles Dwarf) Seeds

Organic Broad Bean (Coles Dwarf) Seeds

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Dwarf Broad Beans are delicious if you treat them well and pick them while they are young! Coles Dwarf is an early and prolific variety - excellent in dips or sautéed with garlic. Use broad beans in dips, with butter, Parmesan and dill or in stir fries. 

Our organic Ecoseed Broad Bean Packets contain approximately 30 seeds 


What are Broad Beans (Fava Beans)?

Broad beans (also called Fava Beans, Faba Beans, or Vicia faba) are a small plump (green) bean with a nutty and slightly sweet taste. These legumes are a great source of protein and carbohydrates. They are full of flavour and packed with vitamin C.  

Coles Dwarf is a heavy cropping variety of broad bean and will grow to about 1m in medium-large pots.  



Coles Dwarf Broad Beans are ideal for deep freezing if you would like to prolong the flavour sensation!

Growing Conditions - Broad Bean (Coles Dwarf) or Fava Beans

Traditionally, Broad Beans need a lot of space to grow. This dwarf variety won't take up as much space in your garden as a regular variety, but due to its plentiful harvest, it may need staking or trellising to hold all that weight! 

Broad Beans are a cool weather crop, so best planted in early spring or autumn.  Coles Dwarf Broad Beans prefer rich, free draining/well dug soil (slightly acidic if possible).  They thrive with lots of sun and regular water (or wet weather). Water them just as the soil starts to dry out (and regularly at flowering).  While broad beans will tolerate hard frost, they don't like the wind! 

Carrots, Lettuce, Marigolds, Celery, Peas, Potatoes, Parsnip, Cabbage, Parsley and Aubergine are good companions for Broad Beans.  Avoid planting them next to Beetroot, Onions & Garlic, Kohlrabi, Sunflowers and Jerusalem Artichokes.  

 Growing Instructions - Broad Beans (Coles Dwarf) or Fava Beans

  • Direct sow: Early spring, autumn (and winter in areas with a mild climate)
  • Spacing: 15-20 cm apart
  • Sowing depth: 5 cm
  • Keep soil moist but not soggy when germinating
  • Germination: 6 - 7 days
  • Pinch tips out when seedlings are 7-10cm long
  • Stake if necessary
  • Harvest: 90 - 100 days (harvest when young and tender)