Organic Buttercup Squash (Curcubita Maxima)

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Organic Buttercup Squash (Cucurbita Maxima)

Our Ecoseeds range comes from a certified organic farm, they're non-GMO and open pollinated. Each Bean seed packet contains approximately 20 seeds.

Planting Information:

Annual - Flattened globe shaped 12-14cm long with mid-orange flesh dry in texture with a sweet nutty flavour. Dark green skin in summer matures to orange/brown in winter.



In spring, 3cm deep. Row space 2-2.5m with plant space 70-80cm.

Germination temp 18-22c Frost sensitive but can start early spring in pots for transplanting. 6-8weeks later. Requires high levels of feeding and does best in rich well drained soil, high in organic matter. Mulch heavily up to 20cm. 

keep fruit off the ground to avoid rot. To help deter disease like mildew water the soil but not the leaves. Avoid handling the plants if possible. Has a trailing habit, pinch ends at 2m long.

Mature approx 120days. Cut off vine on a dry day with a sharp knife.



bean, pea, radish, sunflower, sweetcorn.


with lovage & marjoram


after legumes and or green manure.