Organic Capsicum (California Wonder) Seeds

Organic Capsicum (California Wonder) Seeds

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Enjoy the cheerful colours of Capsicum in your garden, and their versatility in the kitchen. 

Our Ecoseeds range is certified organic, non-GMO and open pollinated. Each Capsicum seed packet contains approximately 30 handpicked seeds.  Why buy more than you need?!

What is Capsicum (Bell Pepper, Sweet Pepper)? 

Capsicums are a small bushy fruit that originates from South America but are usually eaten as a vegetable.  The fruit usually have 3 or 4 lobes, thick flesh and a hollow chamber with tiny seeds inside.  They look great in large patio pots, tropical and apartment gardens alike.  

Our California Wonder Capsicum seeds have a green to red colour with a distinct sweet, crisp flavour.  

Culinary Uses for Capsicum (Bell Pepper, Sweet Pepper)

Cooks who love experimenting with Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Mexican dishes won't regret adding capsicum plants to their garden. These mild peppers are related to the chilli but aren't hot or spicy -  think sweet and smoky instead.  The young green peppers have a slightly bitter taste, while ripe coloured peppers are sweeter.  We often slice capsicum raw into salads or salsa, but they are also super-delicious roasted and piled on top of bruschetta, or stuffed with rice pilaf.   

Growing Conditions - Capsicum (Bell Pepper) Seeds 

A heavy feeder, Capsicum likes to be planted in rich and well composted, but free draining soil.  Good companion plants include Beans, Tomatoes, Marjoram, Onions and Basil.

Capsicum are quite tender, so it is best to plant them in a sheltered spot and stake them.  They won't survive a serious cold snap or heavy wind.  Although they can survive a mild drought once established, they do better when they are watered regularly. 

What climate do Capsicum (Bell Pepper) prefer?

Capsicum can be grown in most parts of New Zealand as a summer annual, but they will do better in northern areas.  Capsicum need warmth, so plant them in a sunny spot after the last frosts. 

Growing Instructions - Capsicum (Bell Pepper) Seeds

  • Direct sow or transplant: Late spring - late summer
  • Spacing: 60 cm apart
  • Sowing depth: 5mm (barely cover with soil)
  • Germination: 8 - 20 days
  • Keep soil moist but not soggy
  • Harvest: 80 days from transplant