Organic Chive Seeds

Organic Chive Seeds

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Chives are one of the essential perennial herbs in the Urban Bounty garden.  This herb has a mild onion flavour and is super handy to have in the kitchen.  It is also a great companion plant.  Plant Chives in your garden and enjoy harvests year, after year.   

Our Ecoseeds range is certified organic, non-GMO and open pollinated. Each Chive seed packet contains approximately 60 handpicked seeds.

    What are Chives?

    Chives are a perennial herb that originate from Europe and Asia.    They make a great companion plant for your vegetable garden, as their purple flowers attract bees, while their pungent smell helps deter pests. 

     This plant will grow to between 20 and 30cm high, making it a good border and container plant - ideal for apartment gardening!  The slender stalks and purple flowers make a great visual contrast in your kitchen garden.  

    Culinary Uses for Chives

    Chives are a versatile herb with a mild onion flavour.  This herb is a delicious addition in lots of European, Mediterranean, European and north Asian recipes.  We love Chives sprinkled into an omelette, in salads, or on blini.  Try little toasts topped with fresh goats cheese, roasted red pepper and a sprinkle of chives...  

    Growing Conditions - Garlic Chives


    Chives can be planted in your herb garden any time from spring through to autumn.  Carrots, Mint, Marigolds and Tomatoes are good companion planting choices.

    Chives are one of the easiest-care herbs to grow.  They thrive in part-shade - sun, and love mildly acidic, well draining soil.  Chives need regular watering (they like moist but not waterlogged soil).    

    What type of climate do Chives prefer?

    Chives can be planted any time from spring through to autumn. They are somewhat cold and frost-tolerant.  This means they will tolerate the odd cold spell or light frost, but they won't survive hardy frosts, bitter temperatures or snow.  If you live in a colder part of New Zealand, you could grow Chives inside over winter.