Organic Florence Fennel (Roman) Seeds

Organic Florence Fennel (Roman) Seeds

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Roman Florence Fennel is a perennial Fennel with a sweet aniseed flavour that adds a layer of deliciousness to salads and cooking. 

Our Ecoseeds range is certified organic, non-GMO and open pollinated. Each Florence Fennel seed packet contains approximately 15 handpicked seeds.  It may not sound like many, but this is plenty for a small kitchen garden.

What is Florence Fennel (Sweet Fennel, Roman Fennel, Romanesco Fennel)? 

Florence Fennel is an aromatic Mediterranean vegetable with feathery green fronds, lighter green stalks and a crisp white bulb. The Roman or Romanesco variety is an heirloom variety that has large, crisp white bulbs.  

Culinary Uses for Florence Fennel 

Fennel adds a delicate anise flavour to dishes.  Its feathery fronds make the perfect herb-like garnish for fish, its bulbs can be roasted or sliced raw into salads, and even its seeds can be used in European sausages.

Growing Conditions - Florence Fennel  

Fennel is suitable for a small - medium sized garden and is reasonably easy-care.  It loves full sun, rich, free draining soil and plenty of water (the soil should be consistently moist).  It will tolerate a light frost and coastal conditions.  

Watch where you plant this vegetable, as it is allelopathic.  This means that it has a tendency to suppress growth in neighbouring plants.

Climate and Seasonal Information - Florence Fennel Romanesco

Fennel is planted in spring or early-mid autumn, depending on the variety.  The seeds from the Roman variety are best sown from late summer into autumn. This cool weather crop does best when temperatures hover around 15°C and comes to maturity in cool weather. 

Growing Instructions - Florence Fennel (Roman) Seeds

  • Direct sow: Early spring or early autumn
  • Spacing: 20 cm apart
  • Sowing depth: 4 - 6 mm
  • Keep soil moist but not soggy while seeds are germinating
  • Germination: 10 - 15 days
  • Harvest: 80 days