Organic Lettuce (Buttercrunch) Seeds

Organic Lettuce (Buttercrunch) Seeds

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Buttercrunch Lettuce is easy to grow from seed, and slow to bolt in the heat of summer.  It has a small head of loosely packed dark green leaves and is perfect for container growing.

Our Ecoseeds range is certified organic, non-GMO and open pollinated. Each Buttercrunch Lettuce seed packet contains approximately 100 handpicked seeds.

What is Buttercrunch Lettuce (Lactuca sativa var. capitata)

Lettuce plants were first grown for food by the ancient Egyptians.  Over time, their popularity spread to ancient Rome and then across Europe.   Buttercrunch Lettuce is an annual variety that was developed by George Raleigh, at Cornell University.  It is an award winning cultivar that has become a garden staple since its development in the 1960s.

Buttercrunch has a loose, soft head that can be harvested as individual leaves, rather than entire heads, throughout the growing season.  Its leaves are thinner, darker and more velvety than a traditional Iceberg Lettuce.  They are tighter and more compact than varieties such as Red and Green Oak.

Culinary Uses for Buttercrunch Lettuce

Buttercrunch Lettuce has a soft and mild flavour - without the bitterness that some Lettuce can develop in warm weather.  Freestyle a Mediterranean-inspired salad with Buttercrunch Lettuce leaves, olives, anchovies, croutons and a sprinkle of parmesan or manchego cheese.  You can't go wrong if using the leaves in a ham and Lettuce sandwich!

Growing Conditions - Buttercrunch Lettuce

Buttercrunch Lettuce is easy to grow from seed, and is a spring-summer annual.   We recommend that you do successive sowings of seeds, which will give you a constant harvest throughout the season.  If you are into rotation planting, this crop is good to plant where your brassicas grew over winter.

Buttercrunch Lettuce loves rich, free draining soil that is kept moist.   While it is relatively bolt-resistant, this Lettuce does best in part-shade, or a sunny spot that is slightly protected from the harshest midday summer sun.  Water two - three times per week and protect from frosts.  

Companion plant your Buttercrunch Lettuce plants with Radish, Beetroot, Dill, Cucumbers, Onions, Nasturtium, Thyme, White Alyssum or Coriander.  

Climate and seasonal growing information - Buttercrunch Lettuce

Buttercrunch Lettuce is one of the more heat tolerant Lettuce varieties in our store.  It grows best in mild-moderately warm temperatures. The seeds can be started indoors a few weeks before the last frost in your area. 

Growing Instructions - Buttercrunch Lettuce Seeds

  • Direct sow/sprinkle or transplant: Spring, early summer
  • Spacing/thinning: 25 cm apart
  • Sowing depth: 3 - 4 mm 
  • Keep soil evenly moist but not soggy 
  • Germination: 7 - 15 days
  • Harvest: 55 - 60 days
  • Watch out for slugs and snails - they love lettuce!