Organic Parsley (Flat Leaf/Italian) Seeds

Organic Parsley (Flat Leaf/Italian) Seeds

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Italian Parsley is an easy-care biennial herb that we can't go without!  Plant it in your herb garden and snip off the leaves for dinner - winter or summer.

Our Ecoseeds range is certified organic, non-GMO and open pollinated. Each Italian Parsley seed packet contains approximately 50 seeds

About Italian Parsley (Flat Leaved Parsley, Continental Parsley, French Parsley)

Italian Parsley is a European herb that comes from the Mediterranean.  It has be cultivated as a herb and vegetable for over 2,000 years.  Indeed, in ancient Greek legends, this plant sprang up where the blood of the Greek hero Archemorus was spilled when he was eaten by serpents. 

Part of the Carrot and Celery family, Italian Parsley grows to between 15 and 30cm.  This lush herb has broad, flat green leaves with serrated edges.  Try it in an apartment of patio pot, a Mediterranean, cottage or coastal garden setting.

Culinary Uses - Italian Parsley 

Flat Leaf Parsley is the perfect summer or winter herb garnish and adds a clean and peppery taste to Mediterranean and Middle Eastern recipes.  It has amazing fresh, clean flavour that works well in Italian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and European cooking.  Try it with boiled baby potatoes, olive oil, lemon and sea salt - divine!  It is also great in soups, stews and salads, or chimichurri.  

Growing Conditions - Italian Parsley 


Parsley is an easy-care herb that enjoys lots of sun and rich free draining soil. It can handle a light frost or a windy spot and is quite drought tolerant (although a little water every now and then will help with the quality of your harvest). Onions and Tomatoes are good companion plants for Parsley.  Italian Parsley is also a good companion plant for Carrots, as it repels Carrot fly.  

Climate and seasonal information - Italian Parsley 

You can plant this herb year-round in warmer parts of New Zealand, but early spring and autumn are ideal.

Growing Instructions - Italian Parsley Seeds 
  • Direct sow: Early spring - late summer
    • Spacing: 30 cm apart
    • Sowing depth: 5 cm
    • Keep soil consistently moist but not soggy while seedlings are germinating
    • Germination: 7 - 10 days
    • Harvest: 60 days
    • Protect young seedlings from slugs and snails