Organic Radish (French Breakfast) Seeds

Organic Radish (French Breakfast) Seeds

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We love adding colour and personality to salads with colourful flower petals and cute wee flavour bombs like Radishes.  Our cheerful French Breakfast Radishes are a great apartment gardening option because they can be grown in a pot. So easy to grow from seed - even a beginner gardener can do it!

Our organic French Breakfast Radish Seed packets contain around 100 seeds - plenty to snack on for a small family!  (Plant successive sowings so you can enjoy them for longer!)

What are Radishes (Raphanus sativus)?

Radish, are cute, colourful and slightly spicy root vegetables.  In the right conditions, they grow to about 5 cm round.  French Breakfast is an elegant, elongated oval variety with a red root and white tip.  It is a quick growing annual that has a delicious mild flavour. 

Radish are traditionally associated with European style cottage gardens, but they are also a great apartment option because they can be grown in a pot. This is a very easy vegetable for a beginner garden to grow.   

Culinary Uses for Radish

As part of the Mustard family, radishes pack a peppery punch in your salads.  Slice these colourful vegetables into your salads - blue cheese dressing goes particularly well with their spicy flavour.  Pop sliced pickled radishes in your tacos, pair with salmon or try them in a Lebanese Radish Salad.  You can roast radishes too - they take on a milder, sweeter flavour when cooked this way.   

Growing Conditions - Radish (French Breakfast) 


Radish thrive in full sun, cooler temperatures and a slightly alkaline, rich and light soil. Young plants need regular water to get started and ensure tender, rather than tough Radishes. Chervil, Marigolds and Mint are good companion plants for Radishes. 

Once established, Radishes can cope with frost and wind.  They will survive mild spells of dry weather, but do best in soil that is keep consistently moist (not soggy). Radish plants are medium - heavy feeders, so keep them happy with regular applications of worm or seaweed tea during the growing season.    

Growing Instructions - Radish (French Breakfast) Seeds

  • Direct sow: Early spring - early autumn (2 seeds per hole)
  • Spacing: 3- 5 cm apart 
  • Sowing depth: 1 - 2 cm
  • Keep soil consistently moist but not soggy while seeds are germinating
  • Germination: 6 - 10 days
  • Thin at seedling stage - pinch out the smaller of each seedling pair
  • Harvest: 25 - 40 days