Organic Tomato (Sweetie) Seeds

Organic Tomato (Sweetie) Seeds

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Juicy red tomatoes are a summer essential in your kitchen - whether you love to cook Mediterranean, European or Mexican cuisine.  Cherry Tomatoes like Sweetie Tomato are ideal for patio pots and small spaces - and relatively easy to grow from seed.  

Our Ecoseeds range is certified organic, non-GMO and open pollinated. Each Tomato (Sweetie) seed packet contains approximately 20 seeds.  Why buy more than you need?!

About Sweetie Tomato (Solanaceae Lycopersicon lycopersicum

Sweetie's large vines produce clusters of small, sweet, red, cherry Tomatoes, and are known to be heavy fruiters. It is resistant to stem canker.   

Culinary Uses for Sweetie Tomatoes

Sweetie Tomatoes taste sweet and juicy, and can be used in a range of cuisine types, from Mediterranean through to European or Mexican cuisine.  Their high sugar content and low acidity makes this fruit ideal for juice of preserves. 

We love these gem-sized tomatoes in salads, on bruschetta, in guacamole, and in Greek Salad (with basil, cucumber, red onion and feta).  They are a healthy, litter-free option for school lunches too!

Growing Conditions - Sweetie Tomato Seedlings

As far as tomatoes go, Sweetie Tomatoes are relatively the easiest to handle, but as with any Tomato plant, you need to be prepared to give a little bit of love and attention. 

Tomatoes are best planted in full sun in rich, free draining soil.  They prefer a sheltered spot and are not frost tolerant.  Basil, Beans, Oregano, Parsley, Marigold, Garlic, Chives, Dill, Mint, Sage, and Thyme ,are good companion plants for Tomatoes. Avoid planting near Cabbage, Beets, Peas, Fennel, Dill, Rosemary, Cauliflower, Potatoes.

The golden rules to healthy, prolific Tomato plants are:

  • Feed them regularly (tomatoes are 'gross feeders') - we love Morganics fertiliser
  • Keep the branches off the ground
  • Water the plant at the base not on the leaves (daily in hot weather)
  • Ensure your Tomato plants have enough room and airflow to grow
  • Don't plant them in the same spot two years in a row.

Sweetie Cherry Tomato is an indeterminate variety, which means that it is a vine Tomato that will extend in length throughout the season.  While you don't technically need to prune the lateral runners (little shoots that grow from the main stems of your plant), removing some will maintain  good airflow around your plant, and focus energy on fruit production.  If you prune off any laterals, avoid doing this while the plant is wet.

Remember to check for (and treat) pests and diseases towards the end of summer. If you are growing Tomatoes in pots, remember that they will need more regular feeding and watering than an in-ground situation.

Climate and seasonal information - Sweetie Tomatoes

You can grow Tomatoes across New Zealand in warm weather.  Plant in spring, after the last threat of frost has passed. 

Growing Instructions - Sweetie Tomato Seeds

  • Direct sow or transplant: Late spring - late summer
  • Spacing: 60 cm apart
  • Sowing depth: 5mm (barely cover with soil)
  • Germination: 7 - 14 days
  • Keep soil moist but not soggy
  • Harvest: 50 days from transplant