Pacific Harvest Garlic Kelp

Pacific Harvest Garlic Kelp

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18g - 36 serves

We’ve made our unique Power of Three Seaweed  Flake Blend with  nothing but delicious, raw, dried seaweed flakes – Sugar kelp (a brown seaweed), Atlantic Dulse (red seaweed) and Sea Lettuce (green seaweed) flakes.  Just as we know that we should ‘eat the rainbow’ of land vegetable as each colour brings different nutrients and flavour, so should we eat  the seaweed rainbow!


NZ Food Award:

2021 Finalist by Massey University 


Sprinkle The Power of Three into fritters, salads, onto noodles  or anything your heart desires to get an umami fix and burst of nutrients such as iodine, calcium and magnesium. Browse our extensive recipe section ( we have over 90!) for seaweed seasoning or garnish inspiration!

Use, before or during cooking or add as a garnish after preparation.  Try adding Power of Three Seaweed Flakes to butter or savoury baking