Pure magnesium oil mineral spray

Pure magnesium oil mineral spray

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Replenish. Restore. Relax. Boost the magnesium levels in your body naturally with our pure magnesium oil mineral spray.


Magnesium is an essential mineral in our body that can be absorbed as effectively through topical application, helping to relax tired aching muscles and aid in better sleep.


This spray comes with a 30% concentrate of magnesium oil. 



Spray on the body and massage until well absorbed. May be washed off the body after 20 minutes or can be left on. Avoid the face area. First time users may feel a tingling sensation on the skin after application but this subsides. Begin with 5 sprays across the body and gradually build up to up to 20 per day for the ultimate benefit for your muscles, sleep and well-being. Test patch before use and discontinue if irritation occurs.