Sleep Drops for Babies

Sleep Drops for Babies

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  • Natural sleep support for babies and toddlers (0-3 yrs) to go to sleep without struggle any time of day or night
  • Support to soothe restless, overtired or irritable babies or babies with wind, discomfort or digestive disturbances affecting sleep
  • Support for babies and toddlers that are going through developmental stages affecting sleep.
  • Great tasting, easy to use, non-addictive and non-drowsy formula


Sleep Drops for Babies contains 11 scientifically researched natural ingredients to support a variety of sleeping challenges, a healthy immune system and response to low-grade allergies. This comprehensive formula is supported by the addition of five Homeopathic preparations and a gentle blend of nine flower essences that support healthy sleep patterns in babies and toddlers.

11 Herbal medicines – Albizia, Baical Skullcap, Californian poppy, Chamomile, Corydalis, Cramp bark, Hops, Kava, Lavender, Passionflower, Zizyphus.

5 Homeopathic preparations- Calc phos, Chamomilla, Colocynthis, Kreosotum, Mag phos.

9 Flower essences – First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand
In a base of Grander living water, non-palm glycerine, water, food grade ethanol and Potassium sorbate.



Give the baby or toddler 1-3 drops before putting them down for day naps and night sleeps consistently. This can be repeated if they are having trouble getting to sleep. Repeat if the baby or toddler wakes during the night or day sleep.

The drops can also be used during the day if the baby or toddler gets overtired, distressed and unsettled.

If the child is breastfed fed the mother can take Healthy Sleep Capsules to support magnesium levels of her breast milk.



Infants sensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients should avoid this product.

There is 0.005grams of dried herb equivalent per 5 drops dose so herb/drug interactions should be impossible.

If you are concerned about this possibility please follow the advice of your medical practitioner.