Velvet Oyster Mushroom Kit

Velvet Oyster Mushroom Kit

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Want to try a mushroom which is unique to New Zealand? 

The Velvet oyster is an endemic mushroom, evolved here at home in the native forests of New Zealand.

With our Velvet Oyster Mushroom Kit, you can satisfy the desire to grow something truly kiwiana.

Our ready-to-fruit grow kits are cultivated in our sustainable mushroom farm in Canterbury. We only use the finest Canterbury grains and agricultural products sourced in New Zealand to craft high quality farm blocks that produce fresh, umami-rich gourmet mushrooms.

In three easy steps, you can harvest up to 800+ grams of ready to cook Velvet Oyster mushrooms. The mushroom has a meaty texture and think flesh. The perfect companion to a nice steak, or fried on toast with some poached eggs. 

Oak & Spore kits are made especially for mushroom lovers, enthusiasts, and beginners alike. This low maintenance farm can thrive in different places and humidity levels. No complex process, no rigorous sterilization needed. Just cut it open, spray some water, wait for a week, and enjoy mushroom goodness anytime, anywhere.


  • Block weight: 3kg

  • Variant: Velvet Oyster (Pleurotus parsonsiae)

  • Expected harvest: 800g - 1kg (depending on how many times you flush them)

  • Flushes: 1 - 3