Whiti - Natural Body Bronzer - Be and Humble

Whiti - Natural Body Bronzer - Be and Humble

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No nasties chemicals

100% Natural Body Bronzer. Just because you want to feel like you live in the sun all year round, doesn’t mean to need to cover your body in chemicals. This amazing body bronzer by Be + humble is made out of all natural ingredients in New Zealand.


A Nourishing Bronze Body oil that will give you a subtle shimmer!!

This won’t make your skin Bronze it will give you the most subtle shimmer in natural sunlight, want dewy skin? This is the body oil for you!!

USE - Use as a whole body moisturiser, after your bath, shower, when getting ready for your day or an evening out.

Other uses- This oil is also gentle enough to be used on your face. Pop a few drops into your bath, or use on damp towel dried hair to define your natural curl.

TEXTURE - Smooth and soft | Vanilla & Gardenia scent

PACKAGING - 30ml Glass Jar | Aluminium Screw Lid

STORAGE - Store your oil out of direct sunlight | your oil may change colour in temperature over 25deg | use with dry clean hands | use with in 6 months of opening.
INGREDIENTS - 100% Organic cold pressed H-empseed oil, Vitamin E

CAUTION - Whiti body oil may stain light coloured clothing.

100mls - Glass Bottle - keep lid away from small children



Kawakawa Oil, Organic Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Safflower Oil, Vitamin E oil, Bronze + Gold Mica